About Us

Beginning in 1996 as an apprentice with his Step-Father, Joseph Jenkins, Brent honed the skills that are required to be a slate and copper roofer. Jenkins published the 1st edition of The Slate Roof Bible, as Brent flourished in an industry he found exciting. While atJenkins, INC Brent kept up with the industry’s new concepts on slate and copper. He went on to become the Foreman of the slate roofing business. Brent has worked in all aspects of the business from simple repairs to total restorations and new roof installations. With over two decades in the business Brent is a trusted roofer. 

Brent lives outside of Grove City, PA with his wife Katie, their 2 year old Porter, 7 month old Audrey and 4 cats, E.B., Stinky, Goober and Butt Head.